Nerve Centr Song List
Mr. Brightside                                                                                                                     The Killers
Island In The Sun                                                                                                               Weezer
Beverly Hills                                                                                                                         Weezer
Just Got Paid                                                                                                                        ZZ Top
Cheap Sunglasses                                                                                                              ZZ Top
Sharp Dressed Man                                                                                                           ZZ Top
LaGrange                                                                                                                               ZZ Top
Basket Case                                                                                                                         Green Day
Longview                                                                                                                              Green Day
She                                                                                                                                          Green Day
Twilight Zone                                                                                                                       Golden Earring 
Seven Nation Army                                                                                                           White Stripes

The Middle                                                                                                                            Jimmy Eat Keep Rockin' Free World                                                                                                 Neil Young
Gel                                                                                                                                            Collective Soul
Heavy                                                                                                                                      Collective Soul
Pretty Woman                                                                                                                      Van Halen
Dirty Deeds                                                                                                                            AC/DC
Losing My Religion                                                                                                             REM
One I Love                                                                                                                              REM
My Own Worst Enemy                                                                                                      Lit
Sweet Emotion                                                                                                                   Aerosmith
Last Kiss                                                                                                                                Pearl Jam
I Will Follow                                                                                                                         U2
Learn To Fly                                                                                                                         Foo Fighters
Ring Of Fire                                                                                                                          Social  D
Bad Luck                                                                                                                               Social  D
Kryptonite                                                                                                                            3 Doors Down
White Wedding                                                                                                                    Billy Idol
Listen To her Heart                                                                                                           Tom Petty
Running Down A Dream                                                                                                Tom Petty
Mary Janes Last  Dance                                                                                                 Tom Petty 
Break Down                                                                                                                        Tom Petty
Everybody Wants To Rule The World                                                                      Tears For Fears
My Sharona                                                                                                                        The Knack
I Fought The Law                                                                                                             The Clash
Starman                                                                                                                                David Bowie 
Who Do You Think You Are                                                                                           Brett Dennan
Sedated                                                                                                                               The Ramones
Santeria                                                                                                                                Sublime
Honky Tonk Woman                                                                                                        Stones
Jumpin' Jack Flash                                                                                                         Stones
Pump It Up                                                                                                                           Elvis Costello
Hate Myself For Loving You                                                                                           Joan Jet
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie                                                                     Chili peppers
The Passenger                                                                                                                     Iggy  Pop
Sweet Dreams                                                                                                                     Eurythmics
Don't You Forget About Me                                                                                           Simple Minds
I Melt With You                                                                                                                  Modern English
Don't Change                                                                                                                      INXS
Back In The USSR                                                                                                             Beatles
Should I Stay Or Should I Go                                                                                        The Clash
All The  Small Things                                                                                                       Blink 182
Knocking On Heavens Door                                                                                          Bob Dylan
Every Rose Has Its Thorn                                                                                               Poison
All Right Now                                                                                                                       Free
Born On The Bayou                                                                                                           CCR 
Green River                                                                                                                           CCR
Bang a Gong                                                                                                                        T Rex
Superstition                                                                                                                         Stevie Wonder
Blood And  Roses                                                                                                               Smithereens
19th Nervous  Breakdown                                                                            Jason & The Scorchers

NOTE: Nerve Centr continues to learn songs and will update song list as
              we progress!